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Lighting and Heating for Pools

POOL HEATING SOLUTIONS.... to suit every need
Solar Pool Heating Panel Solutions
The sun is free, now and in the future.With more than 25 yrs experience, Suncatcher and SunCommand solar pool heating panels, allow you to double your pool usage, as well as increase the value  & fun time spent in your pool.

We offer the highest quality, lowest running cost, maintenance free, long life solar heating solution under the sun. Beware of imitations not all “panels” are solid propylene. Find out the facts..



SolarSplash Roof Solar Pool Heating Panels


Electric Heat Pumps
After Solar heating, the most economical way to swim 365 days a year

Gas Heating
We offer the latest in gas fired, pool heating, for rapid year round heating
Pool covers for any pool
All shapes and sizes


Ultra bright low energy pool lighting

LED low energy high output LEAKPROOF lights
For new pools and replacements of old or broken lights

SolarSplash Home Pool Heating



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