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Lighting and Heating for Pools

Major Benefits

  • 1.    You will spend more time IN YOUR POOL
  • 2.    Double the available swimming season
  • 3.    Save money using free sunshine to heat the pool water
  • 4.    Gain a better return on the investment in you pool
  • 5.    Have more fun, for more hours, in a warm pool

More Fun Time in Your Pool


Solar Investment Payback
….More Hours per day
….More Months per year
….More Fun in your pool
….More Value for Money
….More enjoyment per $ invested

Save Money: The SUN IS FREE!!

No gas fuel or electricity heating bills costs because the Sunshine is FREE ENERGY.
No Surprises as gas and electricity utilities increase prices.
SUN energy is environmentally friendly, free of any cost to the environment
Solar pool heating entails a relatively low set up cost.
New technology direct heat exchange solar panels are durable and have a long life expectancy.
The solar panel pool heating system that actually pays for itself over a relatively short time.

Enjoy a Longer Swimming Season

Australia is blessed with abundant, strong, sunshine  even in Australia’s southern and central states, solar pool heating will double the number of months you can swim each year.
Solar heating also lengthens the comfortable swimming time zone each day, making early morning and late evening swimming more fun.In the northern states it will give you year round swimming.

Save Energy:  SAVE the ENVIRONMENT

Less reliance on Gas or Electricity.

Gas or electric pool heating can be very costly often the largest consumer of energy in a household if heated with Gas or Heat Pump.

It is environmentally responsible to harness free sunshine and convert it’s free energy into comfortable swimming and more pool time fun.

Solar is reliable and pollution free, produces ZERO greenhouse gas and only the small auxilliary solar circulation pump consumes energy.

An ELECTRIC HEAT PUMP  or GAS heater will produce 25 to 30 the greenhouse gas required to power a solar circulation pump.

SUN = Free Energy Forever

The sun is beyond the control or regulation of any business and is guaranteed to be free in future.

A swimming pool is an investment in lifestyle and family fun and Sunbather solar doubles the value you get from that investment by making it warm and enjoyable for more days per year and more hours per day. By saving on the cost of gas or electric pool heating, solar is the only pool heating system that actually pays for itself over time.

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